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I have cracks in my stucco. What causes this? Can you fix it?

Cracked stucco is often the result of improper application. Some examples include not overlapping the mash, a weak cement base, or a problem with the drip caps above openings—such as windows and doors. Luckily, all of the above problems can be fixed. Please contact us so that we can inspect the cracks and give you a custom estimate.

My stone is separating from the wall. What is the reason for this, and how do you fix it?

Most of the time, manufactured stone can be susceptible to this problem if the mortar was too dry when it was applied. Another reason for this separation may be water that has dripped behind the stone and frozen during colder months. This weakens the bond between the stone and the cement, causing it to separate. We can fix this by reapplying cement and refitting the stone so that it is securely attached to the wall again.

I have cracks in the mortar joints of my brick or stone wall.

This is most often seen in older homes, as it is normal damage from aging and weathering over the years. Depending on the original application, most repairs consist of grinding, washing, and reapplying the joints to look new again

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