Our Services. A Work of Art.

Europa Masonry is skilled at a variety of stone and brick masonry projects, as well as stucco application and repairs.
See below for more details on each of our services.


We offer custom, natural stone, and man-made stone options for all your home, garden, and landscaping projects! Choose from a variety of colours, types, and styles to match your design concept. Europa Masonry also offers affordable real stone veneer options.


We specialize in quality stucco application, including acrylic and foam stucco. We also provide stucco painting and finishing services.


We are skilled at installing brick walkways, walls, fences, patios, driveways and more! We have many colour and texture options suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Repair Work

Europa Masonry performs repairs for broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged stucco, as well as EIFS. We are experienced in handling insurance repairs caused by impact or water damage.

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