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Europa Masonry is skilled in the art of using brick to enhance the look of your home. Whether you’re seeking a contractor for interior or exterior concepts, we will work with you to find the best options to suit your needs and tastes. Our masons are skilled and precise at installing quality, long-lasting brick walkways, walls, fences, patios, driveways and more.

We are a brick masonry contractor that proudly services the Calgary, AB area. Our experienced installation team can handle any residential project, and we have a variety of brick colours, textures and manufacturers to suit your every need.

Europa Masonry can install brick for a variety of decor purposes and usages, including:

  • Houses, both indoor and outdoor concepts
  • Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, or backyard fire pits
  • Flower beds, gardens, and other landscaping elements
  • Entrance ways, gates, and steps
  • Decorative walls and fences
  • Pools, patios, and decks
  • And more!

Contact us today for an estimate, and see how we can help enhance your home!

Brick Process

Step 1: Creating a Vision.

Free Estimate & At-Home Consultation with Europa Masonry
Share your vision for a brick masterpiece, whether it’s an entranceway feature, majestic gate, or a grand fireplace. Using our technical expertise and history transforming homes with brick, we will develop design concepts and custom palettes that will suit your home specifically, and help you achieve your vision.

Step 2: Preparing for the Transformation.

Create & Confirm Your Brick Design
We then sit down and work with you to determine the best concept for your home. During this step, we will go over the best brick colours, textures, and manufacturers that will help bring your one-of-a-kind home project to life.

Step 3: Turning the Dream Into Reality.

The Transformation Begins: We Get to Work!
Europa sources the highest-quality brick and mortar materials for the project, and begins installation as specified in the design plan. Watch as your vision becomes a real-life work of art.

Brick Repair

In addition to new brick work, Europa can restore or replace damaged or missing bricks from your home’s existing decor. This includes parging, which refers to resurfacing concrete to seal cracks and separations. This is necessary to seal the interior, and acts as a durable, long-term protection from water damage. Parging also serves to improve the look and finish of the concrete.

Europa is also skilled in repointing. This repair is necessary when the mortar between the bricks has deteriorated and become loose. This allows water in to the wall, and leads to structural concerns. Repointing reseals these areas where old mortar no longer protects the wall, and creates a long-lasting water-resistant structure.

Fill out the request form above for an estimate, or for more information on our brick work & repairs, contact us at (403) 978-6232.

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Europa Masonry

All Europa Masonry Staff are covered by WCB.

Europa Masonry carries $2,000,000 Liability Insurance. Proof can be provided by documentation at the request of the customer.

Europa Masonry has all valid Municipal Licenses required to legally operate.

Europa Masonry serves Calgary.


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