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Repairs & Restoration

Europa Masonry is also skilled in the repair and restoration of cracked, missing, or otherwise damaged stone, brick, or stucco. We can help your home look new again!

Structures we are able to restore include:

  • Houses, both indoor and outdoor concepts
  • Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, or backyard fire pits
  • Flower beds, gardens, and other landscaping elements
  • Entrance ways, gates, and steps
  • Decorative walls and fences
  • Pools, patios, and decks
  • And more!

What do you need repaired? Visit each page for more information on the repair details and process for each material below:
Stone Work

Europa Masonry is ready and able to take on any restoration project, big or small. Simply contact us for a free, custom estimate for your next home project.


Insurance Repairs

Europa Masonry is experienced in handling insurance claims and working with insurance companies, for repairing damage that is covered by property insurance. Examples of repairs that fall under this category include impact damage (e.g. hail, storms, etc.), masonry structures or buildings damaged by vehicular impact, and mold, water, or moisture damage. We are able to work on most cases that require stucco, brick, or EIFS insurance repairs and restorations.

Please contact us with more details about the nature of your claim, and we can put together a custom estimate for your case and insurance report.

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Reasons to Choose
Europa Masonry

All Europa Masonry Staff are covered by WCB.

Europa Masonry carries $2,000,000 Liability Insurance. Proof can be provided by documentation at the request of the customer.

Europa Masonry has all valid Municipal Licenses required to legally operate.

Europa Masonry serves Calgary.


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