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Europa Masonry specializes in quality exterior stucco application, including acrylic stucco and foam stucco. The complete process includes waterproof sealing, wire installation, base coats and finishing coats. We also have a variety of stucco painting, finishing and trim options to complete your project.

We proudly service customers in the Calgary, AB area. Our experienced installation team can handle any residential project, and we have a variety of colours, manufacturers, and collections to suit your every need. Contact us today for an estimate, and see how we can help you enhance your home!

Stucco Process

Step 1: Creating a Vision.

Free Estimate & At-Home Consultation with Europa Masonry
Share your vision of how you want your home to look. Using our technical expertise, we will suggest colour palettes to suit your home exterior and decor.

Step 2: Preparing for the Transformation.

Create & Confirm Your Design Specifications
We then sit down and work with you to determine the best concept for your home. During this step, we will confirm colours and the application plan for your home finishing project.

Step 3: Turning the Dream Into Reality.

The Transformation Begins: We Get to Work!
Europa begins applying the stucco, a multi-step process to ensure the highest-quality and long-lasting application. Watch your home become transformed, protected, and finished.

Stucco Repair

In addition to new stucco application, Europa Masonry is also skilled at repairing broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged stucco layers. Natural elements, weathering, and impact damage are common causes for damaged stucco. Sealing holes and cracks is important for maintaining stucco, as water damage often further worsens the problem. Europa Masonry has a wide range of stucco colours, textures, and finishes, to ensure that repaired stucco perfectly matches the previous coat. We do custom repairs for homes, apartments, garages, columns, or any specific stucco installations.

We also specialize in repairing EIFS—or “synthetic stucco”—a material that is often mistaken for stucco but is composed of foam plastic insulation and lightweight synthetic coatings. If you are unsure about the coatings and finishings your home needs, contact our experts for a free consultation!

Fill out the request form above for an estimate, or for more information on our stucco and EIFS repairs, contact us at (403) 978-6232.

For insurance claims, see our Insurance Repairs page here.

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Europa Masonry

All Europa Masonry Staff are covered by WCB.

Europa Masonry carries $2,000,000 Liability Insurance. Proof can be provided by documentation at the request of the customer.

Europa Masonry has all valid Municipal Licenses required to legally operate.

Europa Masonry serves Calgary.


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